steam boiler

Property Description
type Vertical dry back wet back
structure fire tube water tube combined
Material Cast Iron steel
output hot water Steam
Rated steam pressure
steam produce capacity
pressure Low voltage high pressure
Fuel type gas-fired gas oil oil-fired coil fired electric
Fluid circulation natural oneside forced draft combined
heating efficiency
Water volume
Consumption rate
Feed water tempetature
built type field erected workshop assembled
net weight
exhaust diameter
exhaust distance
steam outlet nozzle size
steam outlet distance
water inlet nozzle size
water inlet distance
safety valve nozzle size
Power Consumption
equipment Torch water level display Manometer Electrical equipment Panel Siren Warning Pump Chimney Thermal sensor safety valve Water level control Valves Pressure control
operating humidity
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
Features No need for foundation and capability embedded in narrow spaces Automatic boiler control function capable of installing PLC Package of boiler and equipment Automatic steering control panel three thermal pass Ability to work with several kinds of fuel The possibility of designing and installation of super heated Multiple valve inspection Easy access to smoke pipes producing vapor without water Ability to work in three shifts continuous work without outages Installation of exhaust stack economizers Programmable Devices
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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