pressure transmitter

Property Description
pressure transmitter model number
pressure range measurment mbar kbar mbar psi inHg mmHg cmH2O mH2O inH2O ftH2O hPa Pa Kpa Mpa kg/cm2 torr
output Digital 2 wire 3 wire
Permissible Temperature °C °F
body material aluminum Stainless Steel engineered polymer
sensor or diaphragm material Ceramic Stainless Steel tantalum Hastelloy
connection material Stainless Steel PVDF
sealing material chlorine caoutchouc Nitrile
o-ring material Buna-N luoro-rubber
sensor fill fuid Silicone inert oil Fluorinated oil Galden
flange material
drain/vent material
Isolation Voltage
Current Consumption
power supply
response time
load cycle
non linearity (% of span)
hysteresis (% of span)
non repeatability (% of span)
Compensated Temperature Range (% of span)
Features short circuit proof protected against polarity reversal wirless output flameproof explosion-proof drinking water approval self-diagnosis messages local zero and span adjustment automatic temperature compensation LCD indicators with back light Electromagnetic compatibility
accessories Connector calibration certificate
protection class IP 65 IP 68 IP 66
shock resistance
Vibration Resistance
display yes no
display type
cable length
body Color white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
after sales service Warranty guarantee
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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