poultry scale

Property Description
body material
Structure material
Measuring range
Measuring accuracy
ADC internal precision
Offset deviation
SD gain
sampling rate
Power load weight sensor
Minimum weight sensor impedance
Number of entries gauge weight sensors
Sensor sensitivity Weight
Memory Card
Maximum Capacity
information upload
Port 1
Baud rate 1
Character length
Communication Protocol
Port 2
Baud rate 2
Isolated digital input
Number of digital inputs
Input supply voltage
operating humidity
Operating Temperature
properties High accuracy Easy to install and easy to use Can be used in poultry and mother The average daily weight-based diagnosis and put it for tomorrow Insensitivity to rely on poultry scales Can be connected to a variety of PLC, HMI and PC Lack of sensitivity to spilled chicken manure on the scales Insensitivity to go up and down a few chickens simultaneously Monitoring software and settings View daily gain Calculates and displays the coefficients sv and cv Average weight measurements with advanced software and application template Calculate the percentage of flock uniformity Potential and actual weight averages Displays the number of birds weighed software calibration Reflects the state of the use of electricity Shows the battery charge With printer
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
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