portable lift

Property Description
Lift capacity
Mechanism Hydraulics traction
Platform size
Maximum Platform Height
Maximum height working
Maximum Horizontal Reach
height in upright position
chassis Width
chassis lenght
  Application person lift freight lift
Lift speed
Drive speed
power KW KVA Hp
Power requirements
lenght in closed position
Width in closed position
Grade ability
platform Rotation
Turning radius-outside
Turning radius-inside
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
Features fulcrum around the machine to create a Wide and safe base Full stop system in emergencies by using Emergency STOP button Ability to being towed by a vehicle The ability to control from inside and outside of the Device Available with Sliding platform from the front Available with Explosion-proof system Wireless system Remote control system Electric lock Weight control system Emergency operating system At the time of power failure height reduction System rive valve and Speed adjustment system With protective foam tires for inappropriate earth Anti-collision system to protect the operator during work Use of residual-current device for operator safety Automatic stop in the minimum and maximum height No need to hold down brackets Ability to Control from the platform and frame Moveable and lateral movement of the platform On request Loading system can be installed Ability to Moving Forward by Engine power Ability to Moving Forward Manually Use of oven or epoxy paint
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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