lift control board

Property Description
Power Consumption
operation Tensile Hydraulics
System Gearbox gearless
max speed
max num of floors with carcode
max num of floors without carcodec
servicing Selective Collective Collective Down Full Collective  Push button
number of doors
size of box
sound system
num of collective down floors
num of collective selective floors
num of elevators
num of doors choose by key
num of speed output
operating humidity
Operating Temperature
properties ability to move manually ability to stimulate governer APS ability re leveling ability CAN BUS ability double click Ability to broadcast emergency messages Elevators runs with just a 12-strand cable Travel ability to control and remove motor encoder position sensor with CF3 Full independence emergency rescue system control system Ability to respond to the selection procedure High speed response to summons Full protection and adjustable range of motor-pump load control Ability to set up as a high-precision Direct Approach connect to the sensor weight and increase performance Take a duplex or group performance Integrity monitoring and configuration via Internet Ability to define VIP and priority classes for specific buttons Allowing accurate cabin leveling floors The ability to modify the phase displacement Performance in phases I and II Fire station The possibility of different planning service in days and hours of the week Applicable for class are shorter than usual or longer than usual Resistant to environmental noise and distortion Ability to work with a variety of linear Nmvratvrhay or code and allows planning for a special code Take away the flag up in each category, first, second and is completely independent single flag Ability to write different customizable Text
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
Features with ADO with DCP UCM features Equipped with emergency rescue system The exact system error logging with date and time very powerful software to monitor and troubleshoot elevator with 32-bit Intelligent Controller Saif engine protection systems to protect against overload and connecting the motor windings Electronic fuse protection systems Package with car operation and collapse numeration Dynamic brake Digital phase control system Multilingual spokesman diverse music selection system Intelligent System represents the next destination on the button in the elevator cabin Traffic control system depends on the speed elevator The motor system includes an LCD digital Remote control system Short floor system
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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