humidity - temp transmitter

Property Description
measuring parameters Relative humidity Absolute humidity Wet temperature Dry temperature Enthalpy
temp cable length
humidity cable length
prob length
prob material
humidity measuring range
humidity measuring accuracy
response time
humidity seperation degree
cable length
Temperature measurement range
Temperature measuring accuracy
temperature separation
maximum cable length
k type temp range
J type temp range
thermocouple accuracy
Isolated input
Number of analog outputs
output voltag
output current
response time
Number of digital inputs
Digital Input Voltage
Number of digital outputs
digital output power
output current
Output accuracy
Number of relay outputs
relay output power
Transmission rate
Communication Protocol
information upload
num of digits
Number of display rows
pluggable Devices
File Formats
AC Voltage ranges
DC Voltage ranges
operating humidity
Operating Temperature
Storage temperature
properties with internal clock and calendar Possibility of adding temperature sensors Programmable digital inputs and outputs ability to calibration software Ability to network multiple devices with computer software Ability to add display ability to Storage and recording to generate reports and graphs Appropriate cover to protect the sensor Sensor fault detection Optical and sound alarm On-site calibration capability Can be connected to a computer by cable and software Can be connected to PC, HMI, PLC and ... Ability to record files in two formats .txt and .csv Ability to add two rows to display humidity and temperature display programmable Digital input and digital output Simple menu Ability to add custom channels for separate temperature High accuracy Easy to install and use Ability to lock the keypad Parameters can be displayed on a rotating basis Relay outputs for humidity and temperature ability to connect to multiple monitors, sensors and relays ability to increase up to 1000 m cable length between the display and the sensor Setpoint and configurable status output relay Variety of models based on Number of I / O Reducing wiring and costs arising from it Automatic detection capabilities developed by the master main instrument and develop through the cable at a distance of 800 m The possibility of expansion I / O Expansion Module Set diagnosis of network connections and apply functions from the main unit to develop without Master
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
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