hangar door

Property Description
hangar door Material Galvanized steel Stainless Steel aluminum fibreglass steel Polycarbonate  High Density Plastic Sandwich panel iron plate
  Application Aircraft Hangar Ports And Harbours Fire Station Refinery Power Plant warehouse Industrial factory
Open type Sliding bi fold fold up roll up Telescopic over and up swing
door leaf Thickness
Opening Speed
hangar door width
hangar door height
Operating voltage
Operating power
Frequency 50 60
Operating Phase Single-phase triple phases
power supply AC DC
Command systems  Push button Remote control (m) photocell radar sensor
Surface Finish Zinc Coated Electrophoresis Anodised Electrostatic powder Epoxy Polyester Powder Polyurethane galvanised ABS Sandblast PVC HPL
Operating Temperature
body material Galvanized steel Stainless Steel aluminum iron steel
hangar door weight
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
hangar door Color
Features possibility of being connected to Metal Sensor connect to the battery and ups warning lights sound Alarm Electronic control unit Impulse control window installation possibility of pedestrian door mounting Anti- collision system possibility of being connected to Access Control Card Reader Connectivity fire alarm connection Safety bottom edge Automatic bounce system Emergency stop system Discharge of sewage Rubber seal Electronic eye Elevating support posts Photo sensor Laser light curtain
Features UV-stabilized Flame resistant anti X-ray Waterproof Explosion proof anti moisture impact resistant hurricane protection Corrosion resistant sound reduction Heat-resistant Thermal Insulation Resistant to Pressure Fall arresters
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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