gas boiler

Property Description
type with Fan without fan
  Application home use Outdoor
Fuel type electric gas Solar energy petrol
max power consumption
Pipe diameter
Gas pipe diameter
Heating circuit pipe diameter
Hot and cold water pipe diameter
Thermal efficiency
thermal power
Heating circuit water temperature
Hot water temperature
Hot water storage
Capacity expansion tank
Minimum water pressure
Maximum water pressure
Heating water pressure
Supply of hot water
covered Area
num of Converter
convertor Material Copper steel aluminum
body material steel Stainless Steel Cast Iron iron aluminum GPR
tank Material steel
Energy class
Class pollutants
Material circulating pump steel Cast Iron iron brass
display type without screen LCD LED
Power Consumption
operating humidity
Operating Temperature
properties Ability to protect against dehydration Ability to protect against deposit formation Immediate and plentiful supply of hot water Antibacterial function Floor heating system connections Lack of pollution operation without sound Ease of installation ability to connect to Remote Control Supplies of heating boilers Connectivity to room thermostate Ability to set automatic temperature heating circuit to changes in outside temperatures Ability to install external sensor temperature Energy saving ability tocarefuly planning of daily and weekly Suitable for areas with high water hardness ability to connect to the solar system Compatible with Unit Heater systems
Features Three-speed circulator pumps with automatic preventive controls With double-wall chimney With atmospheric burners ionize system of fire protection LED lights Immune system caused by the combustion gases Air supply valve Electronic diagnostic systems Anti-frost system Anti Grypazh pump min and max Immune system control the heating circuit water pressure Slow combustion system   three-way valve Anti-sway system temperature hot water Immune system limiting the maximum water temperature heating circuit Cut down electronic systems in case of block discharge of smoke automatic bypass system automatically adjusting gas flow Automatic air bleeding system Microprocessor control systems for machine performance
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
after sales service Warranty guarantee shipping installation
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guarantee period day week month year
warranty period day week month year
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