Security Alarm system project

Property Description
execution date
project site
equipment Main host magnet Sensor shock Sensor motion sensor Water Sensor Freeze Sensor Glass break detector Remote control (m) sounder FLASHING SIREN adapter Thermal Camera Touch Keypad  GSM Antenna Doorbell Wireless Remote Control Wired Zones Connection Pins Panic Button
Detectors Magnet shock Sensor motion Water Sensor Freeze Sensor Remote control (m)
Wireless Defense Zones
Wired Defense Zones
system remote control Arm Disarm Monitoring Talking Play records Stop the siren sound activate the siren sound
Alarm dialing mode phone line sim card
arm or disarm type control keyboard on the mainframe Phone sms Remote control (m)
number of event recording
Identify movement distance
camera lense
Features LED indicator Arm-Disarm-Stay arm-Alarm-Signal Timing arm and Timing disarm Timing open-close appliance Operating the host by SMS and Phone Reset factory setting Password protection function Transmission capability Battery-powered pet friendly SMS of each zone content can be edited independently support Mic and interphone Low or High alert levels programmable by user Rechargeable Battery Arming while the control panel removing or shaking usb port for recording voice message compatible sms with threat SIM Card Supporting each users with selectable access levels Field software upgrade SMS prompt automatically about low power of battery. SMS prompt when AC power lost or recovered auto arm when user forgot the password auto self fixing capable with installing card reader
The duration of the project day week month year
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