Counting Scale

Property Description
manufacturer country
type simple car With printer Label Printer Barcode Printer
Weigh Capacity
Tare Capacity
Repeatability /std deviation (kg)
display type TFT LCD LED VFD
Display size
Display standards VGA SVGA UVGA
display color
Screen resolution
Digits Weight Tare Weight Unit price Total price
Count Display
Ability display Weight Unit price Total price Tare Weight Zero Product Name Active users
keyboard specifications
Memory Stick
Internal Resolution
Printer Speeed
Paper Width
Printer head life
Label width
label length
Characters per PLU
Programmable data per PLU
1D barcodes
2D barcodes
Storing data
interface Parallel TEC Parallel Ethernet Serial USB USB COM USB MTSerial HID USB IBM OEM HID USB HID POS RS 485 Lan Wi-Fi RS232C Aux RS232 RS48 PS2 Cash drawer
power supply type electrical Rechargeable Battery
Power Consumption Max Min operating standby sleep off
Power source voltage
Power source frequency
Input Current
Battery specifications
battery life
Battery Charge Time
IP rating
Operating Temperature
Storage temperature
Relative humidity
Network Functionality Ethernet Wireless Homeplug
Vendibility Weight Number Fixed Weight Percent of tare Re-Exportation Goods Other Calculation of VAT Reissue Purchase Invoice Possibility of a discount for total invoice
thumbnail original
Sales report Periodic sales reports Sales report separately product of Product Group Reported sales for each cashier Report cash Report the Product List Sales reports based on the prices of goods Report of selling goods at certain hours Sales report by Specials Inventory of goods reports
Features Date and time Compatible with cash register systems Compatible with PC applications High contrast display touch screen display Double Side display display with backlight Tower display Anti-theft lock Network between several scales Calculator Confirmation beep Equipped with keyboard Persian Possibility of adjusting the display light Weighing in succession Warning alarms exceed the weight of the tray Ability to play melodies on the Screen Saver Ability to enter a password to prevent unauthorized persons use of the balance Storage capabilities Possible service to multiple client simultaneously Ability to track goods Connect to label printer Connect to scanner barcode Connect to cash register Selectable multi-language text for printing External calibration Battery indicator Pole can be placed on either side collector strip
Counting Scale weight
body material
Platform material
Platform size
Dimensions Indicator size
Number of load cell
color group white black red pink yellow orange green blue violet purple navy brown silver golden gray
accessories Platform Balance Persian CD software Management AC Adapter Interface Cables Instruction Manual charger
guarantee yes no
guarantee period year month week day hour
Warranty Conditions
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